Step-down services for children and young adults

At Young Foundations, we specialise in residential step-down services, and specialist education, for children and young people with complex needs.

Niall Kelly
CEO of MHC and Young Foundations

It's all about relationships

At Young Foundations, we believe an equal emphasis on clinical expertise and trusting relationships deliver the best outcomes.

We are dedicated to delivering treatment to young people with complex needs beyond hospital.

Our consultant child psychiatrists lead our multi-disciplinary teams and they provide the expert medical help each young person needs. We can take over the management of their medication and develop psychological treatment programmes to meet their needs. We will deliver services set out in Community Treatment Orders and assist in progress along care pathways leading to improved and fulfilling lives.

Our clinical support is fully integrated into each home, and all of our staff are trained in psychiatric and psychological treatment models. This additional training underpins the relationship based ethos of every home and gives the staff team the confidence and competence to work successfully with young people with complex needs.

Our staff team feel proud about the part we play in helping the children and young people to make safe and managed transitions out of hospital.

Because we believe in families and relationships, we have developed our step down services to be as family like as possible. They are warm and inviting places which promote individual relationships, group living, community integration and positive contributions. Each young person will have a key worker, a dedicated member of the team who will take the lead in looking after them. The key worker will liaise with the team of clinicians and act as the focal point for communication and support with the young person.

We believe that all children and young people are best educated and trained within age appropriate peer groups where possible. It is likely that as a result of their mental health issues, they have experienced gaps and delays in their education, so we will provide them with expert support from dedicated teachers to recover and get over these interruptions.

Our teachers have successfully assisted many young people in achieving accredited qualifications after years of education disruption.

Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, Education, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Group Living, Risk Management, Medication

Our Clinical Support Services

Our highly qualified team of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and nurses is experienced in working with children and young people who require complex additional support.

Working with families and carers

Supporting the families and carers of the young people we look after is a key part of our work at Young Foundations.