I got a University Degree, and a job I love, without the burden of massive student debt

Young Foundations offer our staff a rewarding career, whilst providing opportunities to study and achieve a nationally recognised Degree in Therapeutic Childcare.

Join the Young Foundations team, and study for a degree in Therapeutic Childcare

Having good qualifications has never been more important, but the worry of debt, caused by student loans, can be a real concern.

In a highly competitive jobs market, having good qualifications has never been more important. However, the worry of carrying large amounts of student debt that comes with obtaining many further education qualifications, can be a real concern to many, and often discourages people from pursuing these pathways.

At Young Foundations, we have partnered with Glyndŵr University in Wrexham, to offer the fantastic people who work for us the chance to pursue a truly rewarding, paid career, whilst studying towards obtaining a nationally recognised university degree.

We are extremely proud to be entering our fourth year of this successful partnership with Glyndŵr, which to date has seen the company offering part-sponsorship, to over a dozen Young Foundations staff, to attain either a Foundation or Bachelor’s level Degree in Therapeutic Childcare.

Benefits of Completing this Course through Young Foundations

This innovative course is designed for those working or volunteering with children and young people dealing with the impact of trauma. As a specialist programme, the course provides a vital insight into childhood trauma and post-traumatic growth, ensuring those working with the most vulnerable children in society are trained to the highest standards.

The course incorporates best practice within the sector and focuses on key areas that will enable you to become an engaged expert, allowing you to become an expert practitioner and enhancing your career prospects in this highly unique subject area.

You will benefit from many excellent networking opportunities, in attending the annual therapeutic childcare conference, which allows participants to interact with leading national representatives from practice and research within the Therapeutic Childcare Sector. You will also study alongside your Young Foundations colleagues and other likeminded students, operating in similar workplace environments, from a wide range of geographical locations across the UK; giving opportunities to discuss innovative practice initiatives.

Our partnership with Glyndŵr allows Young Foundations staff to obtain a degree level qualification for a fraction of the price of a typical degree; with Young Foundations staff contributing just £125 per month towards the cost of the degree for the duration of the course, whilst they continue to work.

The Job: Managing Work and Study

You’ll be working in one of our residential step-down services or schools, helping care and educate children, young people or young adults with complex needs, including autism, learning disabilities, and mental health issues, and will hold the relevant Level 4 diploma.

The programme is an adult learning experience with an emphasis on self-directed study at home, which is supplemented by lectures held in Wrexham, North Wales, amounting to roughly 8 days per year. Costs of travel to and from the university and associated accommodation costs are paid for by the company.

The Qualification Pathway

Every new employee at Young Foundations has initial induction training, and is supported to achieve a Level 4 Diploma as a Children, Young People and Families Practitioner, if this has not already been obtained. Upon attainment of the Level 4 Diploma, we will encourage and fully support you as you work towards gaining a Foundation Degree in Therapeutic Childcare, with the option to then carry on and gain a BA (Hons) qualification, and becoming an expert practitioner.

Debt free degrees

Young Foundations can give you the chance to earn, and gain valuable experience, whilst studying for a BA (Hons) in Therapeutic Child Care.

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