Care is in our DNA

Young Foundations is part of the MHC group. Care is in our DNA is the statement which best reflects the values of the group.

Each one of us has a unique DNA code, a pattern of genomes which reflects our individuality and includes within it our connectedness to others.

  • Within the MHC group, we believe that all of the people we look after are first of all people, unique individuals who deserve the best standards of care which we can provide. They are also best looked after within groups, so their connectedness to others can be supported and they have opportunities to benefit from group living, sharing and communication.

    Where possible, we also want the people we look after to engage in local communities and to live fulfilling lives, independent of support and making positive contributions to the lives of others.

    Care is in our DNA has been developed to represent these values.

    We have devised an alphabet made up of symbols similar to DNA code markings. The symbols are to be found in our company logos, and you may also see them in our company brochures and other material. Wherever you see them, they are a reminder of our commitment to the people we look after and how we feel about them.

  • Our DNA alphabet