The Daltons

It has been nice feeling to fall in love with my job again and I hope I remain here at The Daltons for a long time

Staff Member – The Daltons

For young adults aged 16 to 25

The Daltons is a warm, friendly and welcoming environment for young adults, often placed there as an alternative to being in hospital. The clinical support we offer, in a community setting, is second to none.

The Daltons is a service designed to help young adults with complex needs face some of the most challenging transitions they might encounter on their pathway to independence. Whether this is the transition from hospital to the community, or from residential care to independence, young people will experience at The Daltons the relationships and clinical support they need to achieve success in adulthood.

Our relationship based ethos and clinical programmes of support are tailored to helping young people with learning disabilities, autism, emerging personality disorders and other mental health problems to move on to the next chapter and succeed. We do this by supporting residents to develop the strategies, coping skills and practical skills needed to live a fulfilled and meaningful life in the community.

Progress is ‘with’ the young adult, rather than something that is done ‘to’ them. Our premise is that all behaviour serves a purpose. Challenging or problematic behaviour, is similarly seen, as an attempt by the young adult to have their needs met.

Our focus is upon teaching alternative ways of responding that are equally effective in meeting their needs, both expressed and hidden, desires or wants but that are not seen as problematic or challenging to others.

The team at The Daltons, our Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Psychologist draw on a range of evidenced based therapeutic models, whilst simultaneously working within NICE Guidelines.

I feel safe and love being around the staff team as they make me laugh. They wake up for me school, because if they didn’t I wouldn't wake up and I get to do lots of activities like go karting, quadding and going for my first pint. I really like The Daltons and know that they are helping me become more independent, so I move forward with my life.

Young Person (Age 18) – The Daltons

The Daltons on film

A short film to give you a feel of what we do at Valley House. It was filmed in 2018, so there have been a few changes since then, but our values and challenges remain the same.

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