Mulroy House

Working with children and young people is not a job to me, it is a vocation which I have chosen to dedicate myself to

Staff Member – Mulroy House

Residential step-down service for children and young people aged 8 to 18

Our team pride themselves in their level of passion and commitment with all children and young people and apply the principles of ‘good parenting’ throughout their practice.

We strive to offer a safe nurtured environment that promotes independence, growth and development. Our child centred approach ensures that our young people feel, loved, valued and listened to.

We hope to empower children to make the decisions that will improve their life chances. We treat every young person with unconditional positive regard, and the team foster the attitude that ‘every day is a new day’.

Mulroy House provides a safe, warm and nurturing place for you to live. We aim to help you achieve your full potential in everything that you do.

Mulory House is a home for Children, both male and female, aged between 8 and 18. We provide 24-hour care for FIVE children, who will benefit from living in a loving family environment. Mulroy House provides a safe, warm, and nurturing place for you to live. We aim to help you achieve your full potential in everything that you do.

Mulroy House is a large Victorian house. It has a very large garden to explore, five bedrooms and three bathrooms, with some bedrooms having ensuites. There are two communal lounges that can be used for relaxing, watching movies and chilling out with your friends. Mulroy house is in the process of being modernised and have plans to modernise the entire home beginning with all the bedrooms.

Everyone at Mulroy House is expected to consider other people as well as themselves and the attitude that people have towards others is very important for all of us.
Our team at Mulroy House aim to do their best to support the children and young people living here to feel safe, secure, and loved. The team looking after you are expected to set a good example to the children and young people by having mutual respect and integrity, for the children and young people they care for.

I love being a registered manager because I get to watch families heal and at times parents who find the confidence to be healthy guides for their children. I also love being able to shift perspectives on looked after children, mental health, emotional wellness, and what it looks like to reach out for support and create a healthy tribe for healing, restoration and family reconciliation.

Andrew – Registered Manager, Mulroy House

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