For children and young people aged 11 to 18


Meadholme is designed specifically to offer relationship based, clinically informed care for complex, difficult to place children and young people in the North East of England.

  • Meadholme offers a regional resource to support young people who might require a residential experience, in order to support a variety of complex needs. Such needs might include a rehabilitation home following a family crisis, a step down from a hospital setting or else a programme to meet longer term needs that might present vulnerabilities in a more mainstream children’s home setting.

    In order to meet such complexity of need, the team is supported by both a Consultant Psychiatrist and an in-house Clinical Psychologist. A multidisciplinary approach is taken to planning and risk management. Combined with a thorough knowledge of resources available across the North East, young people can be supported in enjoying their childhood close to the communities in which they have been raised.

    We acknowledge that the presenting behaviours, and concerns of the children and young people placed in our home, will not always be socially acceptable.

    They will be addressed with immediacy and professionalism, while respecting individual levels of understanding and emotional health.

  • We aim to have an inclusive environment of giving rather than taking away, and of developing realistic and real boundaries set in the context of the young person’s circumstances.

    Helping them thrive and develop in a safe, nurturing and secure based family style environment, giving them confidence to move forward with their lives.

    Many of our young people enter Meadholme at a time of crisis. Our staff work hard to build positive relationships with young people, supporting them to manage the issues that have brought them into our care.


Our team pride themselves on their level of commitment and consistency with all young people and apply the principles of ‘good parenting’ throughout their practice. They strive to offer a safe ‘family’ environment that promotes healing as well as growth. This approach ensures that our young people feel valued, listened to and supported to achieve.

Darren Wheatley, Registered Manager

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