Binley Woods

For children and young people aged 16 to 25

Binley Woods Kitchen

Binley Woods is a specialist service which offers intensive clinical and emotional support for young people who require an alternative to, or step down from, hospital.

  • Binley Woods is a small, nurturing, community based home offering 24 hour care to young adults whose complex needs mean they need more clinical support than one would normally expect to find in mainstream post-18 residential services. The home is served by both a Consultant Psychiatrist and an in-house Clinical Psychologist.

    Both work closely with the management and residential team, to ensure that young people can receive care and treatment of the sort usually only seen in a hospital setting. This intensive clinical support is combined with a belief that attachment needs do not end at 18 years of age, and the most helpful factor in supporting young people to recovery and independence is the presence of authentic, caring relationships.

    Young adults referred to Binley Wood in the past, have come with a range of complex issues including personality disorders, diagnosed conditions such as schizophrenia, and other lifelong conditions such as autism and learning disabilities. Most often, the young adults referred to our service will present with more than one complex need, and will need significant clinical and emotional support.

  • Our location, in a community setting, is in keeping with our aspiration that, wherever possible, the young adults living at Binley Woods do so as a temporary stepping stone on a pathway to independent living. As such, all of our young people will experience the expectation that they should, and can, engage successfully with the community they live in.


Staff told us the provider’s values included a caring ethos, which was understood and promoted by the manager. A member of care staff told us, this is the most caring place I’ve ever worked.

CQC Report, March, 2016

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