The aim of Stafford Hall School is to provide a supportive, educational and nurturing environment for young people to flourish. Alongside this, a holistic assessment of every area of need and difficulty, as well as areas of strength and resilience, is undertaken.

  • The physical and emotional health of young people placed with us is ensured in a variety of ways. This includes the immediate registration with the local doctor, optician, and dentist.

    Any assessment tools used will be agreed with the young person, their family, social worker and this will be included within their placement plan.

  • Young Foundations has a skilled clinical team that form an integral part of the multi-disciplinary team. The team work very closely together to advise, guide and support staff in meeting the very complex needs of our children and young people by developing individualised support and skill development plans.

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First Aid and Health and Safety Policies

Please click on the links below to download and view our Fist Aid Policy and Health and Safety Policy.

  1. Click here to download MHC First Aid Policy
  1. Click here to download MHC and Young Foundations Health and Safety Policy