Assessment and referral process

We offer a comprehensive 24-hour* no-obligation Pre-Admission Assessment that is free of charge.

*Dependent on receipt of requested documentation, a completed referral form and confirmation of funding.

  • Our robust assessment and referral process ensures the most appropriate placement is achieved for a young person while local authorities get value for money.

    No Young Foundations placement will be made unless a Pre-Admission and Home Impact Risk Assessment has been signed off as a suitable match by the home manager.

    Our treatment programme complies with the National Contract through Individual Placement Agreements (IPAs). An IPA is a tailored and integrated plan that addresses each young person’s care, clinical and educational needs. It is regularly reviewed and updated.

  • Young Foundations Placements and Referrals

    We aim for 100% placement stability to minimise disruption and continually report back to local authorities on a young person’s progress.

    We are committed to a transparent working partnership and provide quarterly monitoring and feedback to local authorities.

The Process

Initial Enquiry

  • Basic referral information received and assessed against Young Foundations’ operating service criteria.
  • Initial assessment shared with clinical, operational and educational team for home matching risk assessment.
  • Young Foundations to feedback to referring agency about placement options within 24 hours.

Assessment Visit

  • Clinical and operational team assessment visit to the young person, referring agency and/or other relevant professionals.
  • Ratification of assessment and formal placement offer with timescale made to referrer.
  • Quality assurance visit to Young Foundations home by Social Worker and/or other appropriate professionals.
  • Local Authority confirm funding approval and initiate individual placement agreement.

Post Assessment

  • Individual joining plan drawn up and actioned.
  • Initial 12 week holistic assessment completed to inform young person’s placement plan.
  • Outcome based plan agreed.
  • Monthly progress reports sent to Local Authority covering care, clinical and educational set against agreed outcomes.
  • 3 monthly assessment reviews to change update the young person’s plan.